Sunday, April 27, 2008

quilt show

I went with my friend T and her niece to a quilt show over in Trussville. I just have NO patience for needlecraft but this made me wish I did :)

This chicken quilt was my favorite and the one I voted on for a Viewer's Choice award. It'dn it cute!

This was my other favorite of the show. It reminded me of know, the ice cream?
Here's a shot of the pattern up close. Pink and brown are so pretty together. Great job, quilter!
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Hewy Nosleep said...

Love thie quilts!!

Kenny P. said...

You've been busy! But, in a good, seeing the world kind of way, not in a staying at work until midnight kind of way.

Holley T said...

It definitely was a busy week and I have three more bus trips to go (the next three Thursday-Fridays)

Of course, then it will be time for the insanity of summer reading to commence but I hope to take some fun vacations this summer!