Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i'm just conventioned out...

So, quick on the heels of the national publ1c l1br@ry c0nvent10n we went to in Minn, MN, the Al@b@m@ st@te c0nvent10n is going on this week. There weren't any sessions I wanted to go to yesterday and I'll be on the B1g Re@d bus trips on the morrow but I did attend a few sessions, listened to some writers at a Southern Authors luncheon and presented 3 booktalks at a YA program this afternoon. I couldn't even make myself go in the exhibit hall, too much drama having to make nicey-nice with all those suited and cologned vendors...I just didn't have that much bullshit in me today, know what I mean?

My first program was a reference one and due to the crappy downtown parking situation and the utter lack of signage in the hotel convention space, I walked halfway to the freakin' airport (figuratively speaking of course) before I found where I needed to be...LATE. The public library people had finished speaking and the academic people were holding forth. About as useful as a third nostril and not nearly as interesting. And reference people! Come on please! Quit making me have to fight this stereotype! Let me tell you, there were some seriously FrUmPy, PrIm people in this crowd. And some librarians wonder why they get made fun of...

So I was really bored and decided to read my AmAzInG advanced reader copy of Stephenie Meyer's new book, The Host (EH and EW, you're next, never fear!)! As I was devouring the wonderful tale of just what it means to be human, a familiar voice roused me and there was a former partner in crime, TL! She now works at another library (the same one as the weasel) as their reference librarian so we talked shop for a few minutes then caught up on each other's lives. We missed the grand opening of the exhibits but my feelings were not hurt about that. I sat with she and some other friends from the other weasel-infested library at the Southern Author luncheon where we had a decent lunch...chicken, but still decent. The marketing program I'll skip because it was for fundraising as opposed to marketing library services and I spaced out a little.

I skipped out a little early so I could go freak out about giving booktalks to a room full of teachers (no doubt English and grammar ones at that). There were 10 of us and they scheduled me next to last so I had plenty of time to ramp up on the anxiety. I should have taken EW's advice and removed my glasses but I didn't and suffered with the shaky voice until I could get my sealegs (seavoice?). Luckily, some of our WoRsT book talkers in the county went before me, one with no teeth and LOTS of gum (and I'm not talking Eclipse or Doublemint here) and then the other lady, and I thought is was part of the acting/playing out of the story of the book until I looked up and saw her face, broke down sobbing in the middle of her booktalk....TWICE. I'm just bowing out on this next year. Those two are ALWAYS on the docket of presenters and always do something to make me cringe.

Now it's off to bedybye! Tomorrow is our first bus trip and I have to leave here at 5:15am at the latest. Gotta get my sleep so I can be cheerful on a bus tomorrow and Friday. Rest assured you will hear all about it.
that is all.


Elizaann said...

I totally understand about the bullshit. Have a good time on the bus trip. I cannot wait to read Host it sounds awesome!

Erica said...

i bet you were fantastic! and next time, TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES! it really helps! although i wouldn't worry, next to the other people you mentioned, you probably looked like a pulitzer prize winner accepting her award... ;)

have a fun bus trip, and READ FASTER! XD