Tuesday, April 15, 2008

somebody had a birthday!

My nicey, nicey niece turned 12 a few days ago! Friday, Day of Storms here in Alabama apparently, I descended on favored niece's house for the festivities. After the tornadoes were all through and everyone was safe, a veritable herd of 11-12 year olds invaded the house! There was pizza and cake and ice cream for everyone! Favored niece picked up some seriously nice swag as well :)

There was a PS2 free for all up stairs both in favored niece's room and in the playroom as well as a vicious Wii tournament in the living room. If competition is not what you were after, big brother D was showing a movie on the side of the barn via digital projector.

Much, much later, midnight rolled around and I was busy having my @$$ handed to me by my 7 year old nephew at Wii bowling, tennis, and baseball. A sobering moment I assure you since I'd already caused the Rockband death knell to toll upstairs (and not in a cool, AC/DC sort of way) on the PS2.

They were pretty nice about the fact that I have absolutely no skills in this area and I apologized profusely for sucking so badly at the game. All participants proclaimed, "That's all right Aunt Holley, we still love you but, um, do you care if we just go play PS2 in [favored niece]'s room?" I conceeded defeat and fled back downstairs to the Wii. At least there I could lose with some honor...

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