Thursday, April 10, 2008

new movies I'm excited about

The Fall - due out May 9th, but may be limited engagement :(

Drag Me To Hell - Sam Raimi, baby, yeah!

Joueuse (Queen To Play) - a French film starring Kevin Klein, his French Kiss remains one of my alltime favorite romcoms

Hellboy II - Do I need to mention yet again my fangirl crush on Guillermo del Toro? I thought not, but have a gander at these images. I get Pan goosebumps!

Frontier(s) - eeeek! Another French film, hold the romance and comedy.

Splice - genetic research gone terribly, horribly wrong....does it ever go right? Other than Scott Weinberg, my fav reviewer on Cinematical is now Eugene Novikov. Why you may ask? Here's his quote for the other movies by this director, "whose enigmatic sci-fi mind-blowers Cube and Cypher were about as far up my alley as you could go before it starts to hurt." Now, T, tell me. Is that not something Anita would/should say?

Iron Man - so, sue me. This looks like a great, fun summer movie.

Tropic Thunder - again, break out your litigation hat. I like Ben Stiller.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - *puuuurrrrrr* Hugh Jackman *puuuurrrrrrr*

Hancock - Will Smith, superpowers, no doubt some comedy...sign me up!

Rogue - killer croc...need I say more?

night ya'll!


t said...

I think I have you beat on the Iron Man thing....I'm ready for the new Indiana movie :-)

Erica said...

i also love love love "french kiss"--such a funny movie!

Holley T said...

T, I forgot all about the new Indy movie! Yeah, let's definitely see that one too!