Monday, January 8, 2007

Birthday Toes, Carnage and Tears

Do I have your attention now?! :-)

Now, the birthday toes were (and I suppose, are) fun and beautiful! It was Mom's birthday yesterday but we did our celebrating on Saturday by going to Cracker Barrel for lunch, getting pedi's and mani's, and perusing the selections at my new favorite store, the World Market! The most important part of this day's work was the pedicure at A Nail Shop II in Moody. Go there now! Go there often! Not only are the employees are some of the nicest I've met, but the pedicure chairs will take you a good way :) These are top of the line shiatsu chairs and are like nothing else!

As for the carnage and tears, those were viewed (for the former) and experienced (for the latter). Yesterday's viewing of the movie Children of Men was excellent in IMHO, not sure exactly how T felt about it. In a setting in the not-too-distant future (2027) the women of the world have not given birth since 2008. All the nations of the world have destroyed themselves except Britain and even there, religious factions terrorize each other and everyone not taking sides in the war against infertility. It falls to one mostly broken man to help an inexplicably pregnant girl find refuge from those who would take her baby.

This movie is full of gunfights, splattering blood, and the occasional dismemberment. The scenes were stark and the camera bounced around quite a bit but that made me feel as if I were creeping the streets with them and gave it an almost documentary-like edge. In one particularly violent moment, blood splatters the camera and it is left there for several frames. I got caught back up in the story and don't remember exactly when it was no longer there.
The reactions of the people, soldiers, refugees, and rebels alike when they hear the cry of that baby are so different from what you expect. The baby's cry brought the battle to a temporary standstill as the soldiers gazed with awe at that tiny face. The "shock and awe" of this movie revolves around the birth, not the battle.
I'll say right now that I was entranced by the movie but not the ending and leave it at that. I am not one for spoilers so if you want to know more I suggest that you see it! Otherwise, the Internet will no doubt fulfill the information needs of the lazy!
...wish I'd had more time to post, but on the other hand, you have different fingers :)

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