Sunday, January 14, 2007

T the Wonder Dog Part 2!

The Sunday Paper Scramble
I wondered how T would handle the bulky paper and now I know! We got a little bit later start today so it was light out. I did the same pre-liftoff ramping up as yesterday with the same results. T charged out into the driveway and.........nothing. Where was the blasted paper? He started sniffing around the rear tire of the owner's work car and I started to say, "Hey T, no bathroom breaks!" when I noticed that he was trying to get under the car! Yes, you guessed it, some Mensa candidate had thrown the paper under the car. Persevering, poor T crawled under the car and fetched the paper (it was at this point that I was glad of the whole endeavor as I would not have liked having to crawl under the car and get it myself!)
The return journey, if anything, was a little more rough than the search. Like a seasoned retriever going for a freshly killed fowl, I could tell T was actively trying not to damage what he was carrying but the paper was too big and he kept dropping it. About half way back, he again dropped the paper but instead of picking it up he just stared at it for a moment then began trotting back toward the house, f*@# it! written all over his face. I, however, had been given my mission by the owner and sent him back after it. This time he won the battle against the massive Sunday paper, but only just! I realized then that I should have had my camera with me to capture the follies...maybe tomorrow!


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