Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sorcery and Cinema

I was told today that the library certainly has alot of sorcery on the shelves. I thought real hard (but didn't say) "Guess you're not a fan of Harry Potter...?" I refuse to get into that debate but (and this is for S)...where's my cup?

There is a young child downstairs screaming like an orc....sorry, that's my ADD moment for the day.

On to the cinema.....Pan's Labyrinth! It debuted in selected theaters last Friday and is supposed to have a broad release this coming Friday although viewing the release list on their website it will be February before the movie makes it to Alabama :(

This gothic fairy tale is apparently not for the kiddies as it is rated R for graphic violence and some language. The graphic at the top is one of the creatures featured (!!) in trailers and publicity and is alone enough to hook me in to seeing this movie. Will it give me nightmares?....possibly Will it be the best film I've seen in recent memory?.......I certainly hope so!
KT! Fair warning....I'll do my best to talk you into seeing this one!
KT and I have not had great luck with seeing "good" movies. First, I believe, was Brotherhood of the Wolf. I can't begin to tell you how excited we were to go see this and the depth of disappointment we felt on the way out of the theater. Corndog on a stick! What I remember of the plot was very shaky, the monster was less than terror-inspiring, and the acting was right out of a Massengill commercial! Ick!
Another I remember was The Others with Nicole Kidman. I really liked this one but practically everyone else in the group said they had figured out the twist long before it got there. I just seem to have an overdeveloped capacity for suspension of disbelief. How was I to know they were the dead ones? Looked pretty lively to me!
Next we have Van Helsing....when I learn how to insert sound bites I'll put a good retch in right here. What really ruined it for me was the chick's constant posing. Legs planted, hands on hips, boobs leading the way...that is, before she turned tail and ran right in the middle of her "I'm the defender of my family" speech, which was more often than not cut short by a terrified screech and a plea for salvation to whatever man she was in the scene with. Now I'm not saying you don't sometimes need help...I myself am terrified of spiders. But I don't talk smack about the little arachnid bastards then scream and run when I see one either. I talk about screaming and running when I see one, then follow through on that when the occasion presents itself :)
Let's see...ah, The Village. OK, you've pulled the guilty secret out of me. I Love M. Night Shyamalan! Sorry, can't help it...I'll see anything he does (and for those keeping score, I loved Lady in the Water also!) Anyway, The Village was creepy right up to the twist and I was not disappointed that it was nothing more than a commune for the disenchanted. Sometimes I wouldn't mind having an escape from the rigors of everyday life too...yes, even if it meant making the slide back to outdoor plumbing! I like isolation sometimes. It used to be all the time so I've definitely shown improvement :)
KT and I made a very short-lived proclamation to see all of the Academy Award contenders one year. I lived through one, The Constant Gardener, although I believe KT followed through on more than that. The Gardener was a very sad story, based on John LeCarre's novel of the same name, about a widower investigating the death of his beloved wife. Like most investigations he not only uncovered what he'd wanted to know, but also much more of what he did not. His wife was leading a double life and paid the price for it, a price that the husband will also have to pay for prying. I sniffled, I admit it.
If we've seen any other movies together I don't recall them right now. I LOVE movies and watch them all the time (don't have cable and only one fuzzy local station) but I don't get to the theater for new releases very often. I have to really feel the call of something before I'll shell out the $6-9 to see it on the big screen!

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