Thursday, January 11, 2007

Break Out Your Togas!

Separated by time but not by subject matter...
A great big THANK YOU to Daxx for the referral to this great new series on HBO, Rome. The second season starts this Sunday at 9pm (not sure of the time zone on that). I OD'd on the first season, watching 5 DVDs in roughly two's that level of greatness. Not for the kiddies on so many levels, but juuuust right for the grownups among us. So tune in Sunday and get to know Vorenus, Pullo, Atia (ick!) and her children the wonder twins Octavia and Octavius(another ick and I'll leave you, dear reader, to figure out why), the vengeful Servilia, the very yummy but shady Marc Antony, and all the rest!
On to this fall's Premiere least it is as far as I'm concerned!
Showing at the Birmingham Museum of Art October 14, 2007-January 27, 2008...................drum roll, please...........
The exhibit will also focus on the areas of Herculaneum, Oplontis, and Terzigno. So Shelby, start reading up 'cuz it's you and me baby! I've already begun checking out some novels and research books so I'll be in the know when this puppy rolls around. It's one of the big reasons why I joined the museum! Junior Patron Membership is only $50/year people, join now! As an aside, museum members get into Art on the Rocks (in looking, the website doesn't seem to have been updated for this year's events but I'm sure they will soon!) for only $5 and it is a rockin' good time! I got to all of them I can get to.

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