Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Coronation Ceremony is Tomorrow!

That's right people!
As of tomorrow afternoon you may address me as HRH htw as I will be receiving my first crown!

I keep hoping that by putting a fun spin on this I will not become depressed because one of my precious teeth is faltering. It may seem trivial to you, dear reader, but those who know me KNOW that this is a major deal for me. Is this the first step on the rough road to a root canal or will the crown stop the problem? Will taffy, caramel, Sugar Daddy's (the candy, not the two legged variety unfortunately), and chewing gum be off limits from now on? I haven't had any chewing gum in a long time, but now that it may be prohibited it begins to take on a new allure :)
On to tonight's frivolity! I'm desperately trying to get started on my class readings for this weekend (4 articles and 3 chapters in a visually stunning textbook) and not having a lot of luck let me tell you! We've been really busy so I haven't had any time here and every time I start it at home, I wake up in the middle of the night with a crick in my neck and the book in the floor.
I have severe graduate school burnout!
There is no cure that I've been able to find other than graduation which is still a whole human gestational period away.
As my ADD moment for the night, I got a horrible paper cut the width of my index finger while folding fliers at work. I have my finger splinted with a rubber band to prevent bleed out :)

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