Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let the Fall Semester Commence!

I had my first fall class in Gadsden this weekend in addition to pet sitting so I came back here after class last night and got up early to go back for the all day class today. I was SO sleepy on the way back this afternoon that all I could think about was taking a shower and crashing. Unfortunately for those plans, after dealing with homecoming excitement from the dogs, getting them fed, and getting that shower, I was ravenous. While I was eating dinner I channel-surfed a little and found lots of good things to visually snack on, so I've now ended up here, awake at 10:30, utterly exhausted and unable to go to sleep...isn't that just the way of it?

My class this weekend was LS 505 Collection Development...oh yeah, can't remember if it's in my profile or not but I'm in graduate school at the University of Alabama getting my MLIS (Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies). It is a 36 hour degree and I will complete 30 hours at the end of this semester...yippee! Only 2 classes to get through during the summer and I will be outta there!

Anyway, my class this weekend was much better than most I've taken. My professor, Dr. W, is very personable, funny, and proficient in bringing loft theoretical concepts down to the practical, functional level. Sound like it shouldn't be too hard??? Take some LS classes and get back to me... This weekend we did a lot of role playing exercises (and no not D&D). You be the librarian, you be the censor, you be the advocate...convince me to keep the item in the library. I like testing out my persuading skills on peers, keeps them from getting rusty. Although it feels a bit corny at first, the exercise is helpful for keeping possibilities in mind for future reference. He said to expect more of the same next time, but that won't be until March 2 so I have some time to prepare. Yes, that's right! My 30th Birthday will take place on a school night...

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