Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Kingdom for a Haircut

That's an exaggeration really, my haircut was reasonably priced and VERY well done (Thanks Meesha (sp?) and Misty!)....I'll definitely be going back. For anyone else looking, I had a great experience at Salon on Church this morning! I was looking around and getting a feel for the place, watched the lady next to me getting a perm (and remembering the one I got in the early 90's...Mom, please burn those photos), and noticed a local television news reporter two seats down! I felt myself grinning foolishly and had to tone it need to wear out my welcome on the first visit.

On the reading front, I've just started a novel I found through my newest favorite blog, Cinematical. All things film-related, and I do mean ALL, can be found there and it is the best team of bloggers, very inspirational to this newbie. I use Bloglines for my RSS feed subscriptions and am absolutely addicted to Cinematical. Anyway, Theodore Roszak's novel Flicker is on the docket to be made into a film by the same director who did The Fountain. I'm a mere 31 pages into it and am fascinated. It is much more literary than the books I normally go for but I just find the language so beautiful:

"How diabolically ironic it was that I should have been summoned to the serious study of film by these French and Italian sirens. As I remember them now--Gina Lollobrigida, Simone Signoret, Martine Carol--they brim with the bright promise of love, the insurgent fertility of life. But the hunger of the flesh as I learned it from them was only the beginning of a darker adventure; though I could never have guessed it, beyond them lay the labyrinthine tunnel that led down and down into the world of Max Castle. There, among old heresies and forgotten deities, I would learn that both life and love can be bait in a deadly trap.
Still I must be grateful, knowing that the awkward desire these few fleeting moments of cinematic seduction quickened in me was the first early-morning glimmer of adulthood. Through them, I was learning the difference between the sexual and the sensual. Sex, after all, is a spontaneous appetite; it bubbles up from the adolescent juices of the body without shape or style. We are born to it like all the simple animals that mindlessly rut and mate. But sensuality--raw instinct reworked by art into a thing of the mind that can be played with endlessly--that is grown-up human. It idealizes the flesh into a fleshless emblem (Roszak 20-21)."

From these first few 31 pages, I'm visualizing the narrator as a young adolescent boy evolving into a new, more sophisticated phase of life; leaving behind the old conventions and entering a world were everything is new and not always pleasant. I am excited to follow him on this journey and see what dark, shadowed corners he finds. From the blurb I know the story involves subliminal messages, murder, and worse but it should be a heck of a ride! We'll just have to see as far as the movie prospects are concerned. If it pans out I can use it at the Movie Tie-in meeting of the
Reader's Advisory Roundtable!

Roszak, Thomas. Flicker. Summit Books: New York, 1991. ISBN 0671728318


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