Friday, January 12, 2007

The HTW Clean Up Effort

Did I relax on my day off? Kick back, watch a movie, maybe take a nap? Nah, I began the massive organizational realignment of my boudoir. Four bulging bags of trash, six bags of clothes waiting to fit again, and ten 10-gallon containers later, my mission is 1/4th's just as dismal as it sounds folks! The clothes rod in my closet has been broken for over a year now so I can't hang anything up. All my clothes have migrated to various piles around the room. I need a bookshelf, I want new curtains, and I need a bed frame so that I can get over the feeling that my room really belongs to a stinky 12 year old boy!!! I want to decorate with some sort of actual theme, something exotic and Moroccan maybe. Realistically I can't afford it but it never hurts to dream or window shop at World Market :)
I've started a long pet sitting job today, ten days of cable television at my disposal :) T and C say hi! T has some serious gas and is constantly bombing me...I hope I can sleep through it, or at least give him a run for his money :) Hopefully the boys will provide plenty of blogging fodder as they are terrific fun and I haven't kept them since the summer.
I really do love the pet sitting. It's easy and rewarding knowing that I am making what is normally a very stressful time for a loving pet (the absence of the owner) much more bearable! 99% of the time we have so much fun that the owners say the pooches (hasn't happened yet with a kitty, but they're wired differently) look for me for a few days. I do feel quite proud of that :)
Speaking of that, I'm getting the big, soulful, liquid brown "I need to go out" eyes from C so I'll bid you adieu (to the thundering, blaring sound of the 900th train crossing/plane landing tonight....I do so miss Bibb Co. when I'm not there).

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