Monday, September 10, 2007

Book Cover Meme

I was not tagged for this, but I'm tagging myself 'cuz it's real damn funny :)

Over at Kimbooktu, it has come across the tag com lines to put your first name into Amazon's book search and blog about a title of interest that comes up, so *snicker* here goes! Gosh, how will I decide between these!

....and many, many more! I was named after this particular automotive superpower, so I don't knock it...I even have a Holley Equiped sticker on my car :)

Book Diva, The Burrow, Elizabeth's Thoughts and Musings, anyone else, Bueller?

You've been tagged!



Erica said...

nifty idea! i will follow up shortly :)

Holley T said...

I just hope your selection is better than the one I got :)