Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the ol' consumer treadmill

I don't often get on this bad boy because a) I don't have the money to stay on it and b) I seem to be biological unable to exercise...I only wish my debit and credit cards were so lethargic! KT has posted about her battle of the bills and I'm feeling the crunch (though not from her) as well. I was just telling the roomie today that I really believe I could benefit from a class/seminar session on budgeting and personal finance because the books just aren't helping. That being said, I covet the new Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise-canceling headphones. I can't pronounce the name but I love my Creative ZenV Mp3 player so these have to be top-shelf as well. They are supposed to be "intelligent," adding back in the highs and lows that normally get dropped in the digital compression process. I remember us ACTUALLY talking about this in one of my graduate school classes...how amazing! I nailed the question on the final too, by the way :)

Does anybody have a spare $300 dollars you could give me...I would say "loan", but that would imply a level of interpersonal commitment that just isn't going to happen, sorry ;)

smart but still, somehow, poor...


Anonymous said...

I've been called many things but apparently cheap seems to arise again and again. Apparently bad credit discredits everything for getting harmony. Instead just know letting money, not overcome personally, quite rightly, so that usury violates what xu you zzz... Yes very boring and doesn't make sense. Bottom line is...stop spending. Focus on only the essentials until credit is gone. Easier said then done, but you work at a library so all your books should be free. Stop the tattoos, mp3s etc.



Holley T said...

ugh...why does the truth hurt so bad? I know a moratorium on spending is what needs to happen (along with a life long commitment to a real treadmill) but it SUCKS not to be able to just blow a paycheck every now and again! I remember when I only made 5.25 an hour, albeit there was very definitely parental support involved, but sheesh...the world, the world! Thanks for the tough love Matt! Peace right bakatcha :)