Friday, September 21, 2007

that's not exactly our motto....

Good try Wyoming, um, but here in Alabama, our warm, alive fingers will help you find ALL the books you want/need and, if you ask, help you carry them to the car. Who's bright idea was this? If this doesn't have you running for the nearest library, how about on of the other bright spots in the myriad available from the Wyoming library publicity campaign.....*drum roll*......the mudflap girl!

Now, just last week I had to sit through a 2 hour diversity training seminar on discrimination, all flavors. Something tells me this would not pass muster had it been used as an example....As the Annoyed Librarian points out,
No longer do I associate Wyoming with just mountains, gay bashing, and hicks. Now I'll add sexism and stupidity into the mix as well. You go, Wyoming! I'm just kidding about all that. I think this campaign is great. It sure fights those stereotypes, and we know how librarians hate stereotypes. Forget about the shushing spinster, or even the helpful overweight middle-aged white woman. Now truckers and farmers and rubes all over Wyoming will know that librarians are HOT! Those rubes will want to drive to the nearest library for some steamy book on book action! And you know the book that naked mud flap gal is reading is a porn novel. You can just make out the title if you squint closely. I'd tell you what it is, but I don't want to spoil it for you. In addition to being a HOT promotional campaign, it might also be a way for librarians to get dates. When I first saw the mud flap girl, I wondered if there were a lot of single librarians in Wyoming who wanted to date rubes and creeps. Now the rubes and creeps will be flocking to the library in droves! Lots of potential dates for those lonely librarians. I realize this isn't the point of the ad campaign, but it sure is a nice perk.So keep it up, Wyoming. And when you've attracted a whole new class of lowlifes who come to the library because they want to ogle hot librarians, you know what you have to do to keep them. Infoporn literacy and private Internet viewing booths. It looks like you've already got the stripper.
I mean, REALLY, who comes up with these things, and who APPROVES them? Am I being too much of a prude about this, well library-wise anyway? Personally I think it's funny, but...mud flap girl representing a library? Pry the book from my cold dead fingers? Is that the librarian's fingers (bad) or the patrons (not quite so bad, as we would like the book back at some point so another patron can read it, unlike this book thief)?
Ah well, such is the life of an elf :)


Ms. Hubbard said...

I love the librarian pic its awesome

Erica said...

i'm with you, red leader :)

and for another ten points, what movie is that line from?

Kenny P. said...

I'm moving to Wyoming!

Holley T said...

ERICA-uummmm, the Red Leader bit?according to Google, it's either Star Wars or a 1987 episode of Tales from the Darkside? If you're talking about the "cold, dead fingers", I remember that from Men in Black and the Edgar suit...well, technically he was still just Edgar at that point :)