Monday, September 10, 2007

we break from our normal programming....

....for this very girly moment, please allow a moment for pink-a-vision to slide into place....

This is from one of my new favorite blogs, The Book Inscriptions Project, where people send in interesting finds of book inscriptions. It seems to be a tide of used book finds and while I'm sure the person who initially made the inscriptions would no doubt be heartbroken to know that their (mostly) heartfelt gifts ended up in a thrift store/used book store/garage sale/etc, I would love to see an inscription I'd written end up here. As I've never inscribed a book when I've given it as a gift, I'll be sure to do that AND be thoughtful with the never know who'll see them.

That being said, here's what the inscription above says:

To have met someone and felt alive again is wonderful…Read this and realize that all is possible. You are beautiful, exciting, sexy, but most of all the possibilities that seem——are real. Thanks for being at Rodney’s on Saturday night.
P.S. You bet I want to make love to you, but then the whole world wants to.

You could decide she's a lady of ill repute...but I think this is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen...and it's a good (though quite sappy) book as well! As I said in my comment on the blog entry where I initially found this,

Way to go Neal! Where ever you are! may now return to normal bitter, sarcastic programming!

evenin' ya'll!


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Ms. Hubbard said...

Sweet!!!I am so gonna have to check it out.