Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks E's T&Ms

I had a funny encounter concerning the book cover meme post of earlier....I did not blog about it here since I have readers of a younger persuasion (Hey Shelb!) but over at Elizabeth's Thoughts and Musings, my friend E blogged about it in a nice, vague way so I can too. The meme was to type in your first name in the Amazon book search and blog about an interesting book. You can read about my attempt here. Well, E decided to try a similar thing, the only difference being that she chose the DVD search and used her first and last name. Up popped one of my fav movies, Center Stage, which E scoffed at first (shame on you, E!) until she observed me attempting to pick my jaw up off the floor! Okay, okay, I will admit to a certain amount of corny-ness being present in this flick...but that's all! I recommended right back to her the lush, cinematic goodness of that great Australian picture, Strictly Ballroom! I first discovered this movie through my friend T's mom and have loved it ever since.

All this to say that I decided to try my hand at the DVD meme and the first item that popped up was a lovely pornographic film, circa 1974. With a main character like the down-on-their-luck Uranus Studios, it's got to be good... I wonder what the sound track would sound like :)


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