Sunday, September 16, 2007

crazy sunday!

I woke up pissed and just got more awake and grumpy as the day progressed. Lunch with my mom was a bit of a pick-me-up, but then I got to work and witnessed a dressed-for-church @$$clown steal our New York Times paper! I was too far away to read the license plate and couldn't get my digital camera out in time to go all detective on their @$$ but I would have! In hindsight, I should have shouted at him but all I could think of as the miasma of rage suffused my brain were VERY naughty multi-syllabic words that have probably never been shouted on a public street in Mountain Brook, Alabama....ever....

I got even more angry because, 3 hours later, the paper was back out front! Rolled up in it's distinctive bright blue plastic! So, for the record, some light brown/dark blonde-haired male git in a not-new but well-cared-for green Jeep Cherokee NEEDS TO GO TO CONFESSION! AND APOLOGIZE TO ME for raking my over-sensitized nerves! YOU LIVE IN MOUNTAIN BROOK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I know you've got $7.oo for a paper!

So I'm going over to the police station first thing tomorrow morning and report this heinous crime...hopefully they'll be able to hear me over the sounds of their own muffled laughter because I AM INDIGNANT about this! Truly ticked off!

htw, community champion, newspaper vigilante, scourge of @$$clowns everywhere!


Ms. Hubbard said...

haha!!! I meant to tell you earlier and forgot. You know the paper thief has probably been at work most of the summer. I mean after all we were closed all summer and would not have known he'd been a complete butt and took the paper.

Kenny P. said...

Maybe he know's you're a librarian. He did return it, after all!