Monday, January 14, 2008

adventures in cooking

As I searched my barren cabinets for something to supplement my tasty Gorton fish fillets and seasoned turnip greens, I happened upon a lone package of Uncle Ben's Spanish Rice. Since it only required water and butter and 10 minutes of my time, I threw it in the pot and ended up having a nice meal. I was cleaning up my dishes and wiping off the stove when I noticed that the package of spanish rice had an expiration date of July 2004. Here's hoping I don't keel over in the night! I did think The Doorman was definitely trying to tell me something, but I paid him no heed. What's that? Who's The Doorman? Why, my new fish!
You can see my teapot to the right there and bare tip of a stove eye on the left.
That's right, all you people who worry about me, I took on the responsibility of a new pet!
Allow me to translate, "Oh sh1t! What is she doing now? What is that bright flash of light? AHHHH, my fish corneas!"
Is it morbid of me to keep The Doorman on the stove? It just gets so cold at night due to my own cheap @$$ habit of keeping the thermostat turned down; I thought he could use the heat of nearby cooking a couple of times a day. So, The Doorman watched me cook my old, busted rice and said nothing but he looked nervous. I guess he just thought he was next :)

Just look at that power and grace! Never you mind about this giant, looming figure with a shiny flashing camera.

After dinner, I came in here to talk to you people and have my lovely new favorite nightcap (thanks KT!):

So, now I'm just the teensiest bit warm and fuzzy and a lot sleepy :) Plus, Binky is calling to remind of the hour. And tomorrow is, YAY!!!, my doctor's appt to talk about what to do with my numb hand! I'll wish myself luck and assume I have ya'll's (is it possible to have two apostrophies in one word?)!

evenin' ya'll!



Katie said...

Ooohhhh ... I am delighted to meet your new companion! What does binky think?
Oh, and we have eaten two week and three week leftovers so many times ... I bet that rice was jussssst fine! I mean, it's rice and seasoning ... not pork.
K ;)

Holley T said...

Well, luckily for The Doorman, Binky's days of being able to reach the kitchen counters have been over for a while. She's 12 or 13 now ya' know? The only way she could get up there is if I left a chair next to the counter :) Besides, she's way too interested in all the other crap I bought for her in the past month :)

No ill effects from the rice so far so you must be right again, oh wise counselor of the kitchen!


Kenny P. said...

Hi Doorman. Nice to meet you! I have some fish, too.
OOooooh, I'll have to try that nightcap. I've mixed the ol' hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps many a time, but never with the the buttershots. MMMmmmm.

Holley T said...

Contrary to EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET (it seems) I don't like mint and chocolate together, but I can assure you that this little combo is ExTrA special :)