Saturday, January 12, 2008

trumpets and fanfare!!!!!!

guess where I am....give up? huh? huh? huh?

I'm at home, in my pjs (it is midnight), Binky meowing in my ear to remind me that it is midnight and she needs her beauty sleep, and the internet is slogging away at the speed of light through my brand spankin new DSL modem and my brand spankin new DSL service. Yay! for all the hard work those AT&T people did last month getting all that DSL line put in so we can give them even more of our money! But who am I to criticize 'cause I was right there in the front of the line going "oooh pick me, pick me!"

I had dinner with Mrs Roomie and her new DH tonight then we watched a couple of episodes of Cops and made fun of a couple of mullets (thank god they were in FL!). AT 9:38 Mrs (preggers) Roomie wants a doughnut so we all pile in the car for the 20 minute drive to Krispy Kreme. I was tired but am now hopped up on sugar so what goes together better than a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut and DSL modem installation in the middle of the night? I can actually think of several things but I either don't have access to the necessary parties or it's illegal, so there you go!

Gosh, this feels like when I logged on to the internet for the first time in college. I've never sat where I'm sitting now (read: the county I live in) and been able to look at anything on the internet unless I went to the library. Oh, I had dial up once upon a time and could have had it all the time till now, but I work off of a T1 line at work. Coming home to dial up just wasn't going to happen. It's too bad they didn't have this while I was slaving away in grad school, I could have taken some online classes. Maybe I'll take some online classes for something else instead, something fun like Spanish or Zumba aerobics or the theory of pottery....anything as long as it isn't important to my job :)

I guess if I'm going to hang out with mom on the morrow I should get some sleep so I can be cheerful and in a good mood. I'd really rather go out on my brand spankin new service and see what kind of trouble I can get into but then I would be bitchy and cantankerous tomorrow and it wouldn't be worth it. Maybe I'll go see a movie tomorrow and I can sit here and look up showtimes without the mess of a giant $2.00 newspaper! The world is mine at home at last and you people are in for it now....bwahahahahahahaha!



Erica said...

good for you! internet at home, at long last!

Holley T said...

yes, my tiny rural county continues to move into the 21st century by slow increments...

Kenny P. said...


(I bet you were able to read that word before I was even done thinking about typing it!)

Holley T said...

thanks KP, but I read your're the psychic one :)