Monday, January 14, 2008

googly moogly

I had some good phrases this week as well as visits from New Zealand and Croatia!
  • the genetics of being color blind - I don't remember blogging about color blindness but it is not outside the realms of possibility. My maternal grandfather and my brother were both color blind. It has been my understanding that it skips generations and tends to affect males so I guess if I were to have a grandson (with the prerequisite child for myself of course) he could face the possibility of being color blind?
  • the barbar of fleet street - great movie (I thought)! However, I feel compelled to point out that it is the demon barbar of fleet street. Hey, maybe they live somewhere where there actually is a Fleet Street and they are in need of the services of a barbar! How creepy would that be? I wouldn't be able to make myself visit such an establishment after watching the movie.
  • if all plags are plogs and all plogs are tregs, then all plags are definitely tregs - Okay. I admit it. When I blogged about narrative nonfiction and used this little phrase, it was lifted (for educational purposes only, obviously) from an academic test prep book. I assume this person is studying for said test. Good luck, compadre!
  • del torro frankenstein - obviously a very savvy individual with good cinematical taste
  • locks of love - I've actually gotten a lot of hits from this little phrase. There are alot of individuals out there looking to get philanthropic haircuts! :)

Thanks for visiting, everybody! Hope to see you again!



Erica said...

potentially stupid do you know what phrases people are finding your blog with?

Holley T said...

sitemeter keeps track of it for you have a hit counter on yours? come upstairs next convenient break you get and I'll show you were it is on mine.