Friday, January 11, 2008

various and sundry

So, I still have not mustered up the cajones to attempt to hook up the DSL modem. I'm am sure it will be simple and straightforward (which, according to the accompanying reading material, it is) and I'll be devastatingly ashamed that it took me this long to get it hooked up. Oh well, I've lived through worse :)

I had my last PT session for the dastardly carpal tunnel syndrome today. The PT therapist finally came out and said that if I had not had any changes in the condition by now, I should go back to seem my GP and be referred to a carpal tunnel syndrome specialist. I'm hoping that means some surgery so I can get the feeling back in my fingers. It is ├╝ber annoying when typing, trying to do something with the mop of hair on my head (I did get it cut off, did I mention that here? There is a macabre ponytail of hair riding around in a plastic bag in the back seat of my car because I've been too lazy to send it off to Locks of Love.), cooking, just about anything but I have an appointment to see my GP on Tuesday so hopefully I'll be able to put this whole sad episode behind me with a few weeks recovery. Am I too optimistic?

On the work front, we're gearing up for The Big Read in April! All the Jefferson County Public Libraries will be reading Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and I'll be co-leading 4 bus trips coinciding with TBR. We'll be stopping at civil rights-oriented venues in Montgomery and Selma as well as seeing the 2-act play in Monroeville which is based on TKAM. One of the events here at my library will be an evening book discussion of TKAM which we will be using to (hopefully) start a regular evening book group that would be MINE, bwahahahahaha! You know, since KT leads the morning book group :)

I started the senior's computer classes again Jan 3rd with our new 6-week format. I just didn't feel like I was able to teach them anything lasting in the 4-week class. So far it seems to be going well but I have one lady who clicks the mouse indiscriminately, doesn't know she's doing it and converses loudly with the gentleman beside her (who's trying to help) to the point where the other people can't hear me. I went over to them and tried to get their attention and they IgNoReD me! I'm saying, "Hey guys, the other students...," "Excuse me," "Could I have your attention for a moment?!" Finally, I put my hand in front of their monitors and yelled, "Hold up just a minute. The other students cannot hear me and ya'll have skipped ahead a couple of screens. If you can wait just a minute, we'll catch up to you and we can discuss what the problem is!" They both apologized, but the lady got up, said she had a lunch appointment and left...30 minutes early. I don't know if she had a lunch appointment or not, we'll see if she comes back next week. That's always the problem when there are 6 of them and only 1 of me and everyone is at a different skill level. Hopefully everyone will come back next week and we can get on the same page.

What's been going on with ya'll?


Erica said...

your computer class sounds more frustrating than my efforts to get the 4th-graders to stop messing with their webkinz online all the time!

Holley T said...

I bet we could both find new things to hate if we swapped classes :)