Monday, March 10, 2008

day of the crazy, psycho people.....

.....okay, just one. The rest of them were regulars so it would be cheating to count them. Libraries are usually rampant with generally weird clientelle. It's just the nature of the beast, but what are you supposed to do when the craziest one of all works with you?

We've had our share of crazies in my 8 year tenure there but wooooweeee! This is a live one! None of us girls will voluntarily stay in the room with this person unless the buddy system is firmly loners. I have no idea how the other guys handle it. Crazy person (CP) seems to work hard and I haven't found any glaring mistakes other than this person's personality. I'm trying very hard to be inclusive and understanding of the differences of others but it's hard to do when you're so damned creeped out.

In other news, Jesus man was not in attendance as far as I know but Itchy Butt Man was with us for the better part of the day. He had what sounded like a doggy squeaky toy in his pocket and there were random squeakings throughout the day. That was annoying. Plus, he paid me for copies but licked his finger to count out dollar bills and HE GOT SPIT ON ME! I dove for the hand sanitizer as soon as he was out of site. EWWWWW!

And, bless his heart, OCD came in to see me. He's strongly insistent that I be the one to help him. If you don't know what unmedicated obssessive compulsive disorder looks like, count yourself lucky. His family treats him like dog sh!t and he constantly writes them letters because he said they won't let him talk when he's with them and, anyway, he's too nervous to fight back when they start to pick on him. Due to the nature of his condition, there are also plenty of complaint letters to businesses also. He doesn't really want me to correct what's there, he just wants to read it to someone aloud I think but if he gets distracted by people walking by he has to start paragraphs over and over and over again. I'd been in such a bitchy mood all day that it was almost more than I could handle when I saw him walk in, but it turned out to be just what I needed. Harness the petulant "self" for someone else's benefit....better than meditation or yoga.

I just really wish his family would be more patient with him and just leave him alone. They make fun of him for the things he doesn't know, isn't familiar with and basically don't understand and don't care to understand the nature of the disease. I guess I should preface this by saying, obviously I only hear one side of the story...his. It puts some sh!t in perspective for you, let me tell you.

I got no problems...nothing I can't deal with, work around, or fix.

Okay, ya'll've heard enough from me. (it's the South, double contractions are allowed)

good night!


Erica said...

L & I are SERIOUSLY creeped out as well by the individual in question...why oh why did he have to get hired???? WHY MUST WE BE PUNISHED LIKE THIS????

Kenny P. said...

Poor OCD Man. His family sucks!

Holley T said...

His family DOES suck...