Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sunday nature walk

I was petsitting Rudder and Topper this past weekend and I took Rudder on a two hour walk along Jemison Trail in Mountain Brook. It was an absolutely GlOrIoUs DaY!Topper was hanging out in his favorite kitty spot when Rudder and I left for the Trail.
Isn't he handsome?

If you squint, you can see the woodpecker on top of this tree. I thought that was a nest right below him, but it turned out to just be some moss. The sky was alot more blue in person.

Again, you have to squint on this one, but you can just see a cherry tree in full bloom through the trees...a welcome glimpse of spring!

Rudder looked like he was going to sample this and I am NOT up on local plant life. No poisonings on my watch, little buddy!

Here's a close up of the suspicious plant. Does anyone know what this is and if it is poisonous? Before anyone asks, Rudder did not ingest anything other than some good ol' St. Augustine on our woodland adventure.

I thought these were just lovely growing there amongst the rocks and, unfortunately, the bit of plastic in the plant next to them. There was not a plentiful amount of trash to be found on Jemison Trail, but there was enough to make me irritated. Come on people! How hard is it to find a freakin' trashcan?!

Isn't Rudder cute? He nosed around and splashed in the water and was generally v.v. cute....except when there were other dogs around and anything with wheels (ugh, bikes and strollers!)

I wish you could have heard the sound this little creek was sounded just like the sunshine looks :)

This is probably an alternative hangout for woodpecker from the first photo!



Anonymous said...

'suspicious plant' is called Trillium. One of my all time favorite woodland natives. I have a small plot of it next door under the Dogwood 'bush'. It's not poisonous.

Katie said...

Holley, I would continue to be suspicious of ALL plants, and you know what I mean!
I love me some Topper!
Great pics, by the way - all on your digi????

Kenny P. said...


Holley T said...

T - ah ha! I should have known T would know! I'm glad to know Rudder was never in any real danger!

KT - I do know what you mean :) and in case the situation ever arises, know that I would never amputate your legs...I'd smother you with a sleeping bag. For those not in the know, read Scott Smith's "The Ruins," coming soon to a theater near you, and be horrified with us!

KP - It was very pretty and also very restful. I felt good for the rest of the day!