Wednesday, March 19, 2008

library archaeology

As I was preparing for closing the other day, I found a piece of paper abandoned on a table that had previously been inhabited by a group of elementary students. Visions of Ralphie's theme from A Christmas Story danced in my head.

At the top of the paper, in big, messy, spidery script, the first line read, "what makes a good friend." Then some writing was scribbled out. Then there was a box with the word "title" out beside it and in the box was a single word, "friendship." Then the theme began, "Friends are a key thing to have in life. Without friends there would be no one"

Alas, the student either abandoned the assignment or chose to start it on another sheet of paper. This is all we are to recieve from the young philosopher on the nature and importance of friendship. I thought this child made a good start....or hey, maybe that's all they intended to write. It does have a certain finality to it.


Erica said...

that is so sweet!

Holley T said...

I thought it was pretty cool too :)