Saturday, March 22, 2008

friday @ the movies

I've decided to start a brand new segment here at Holley's house called friday @ the movies. I've been getting back in to going since it is one of my v. fav things to do and hey, why not share the fun?!

So last Friday I saw what is destined to become one of my favorite movies when it comes out on DVD. I'll no doubt see it again in the theater given a smidgen of opportunity and that is Doomsday! (IMDB, Cinematical(not so complimentary but I'm all about fair reporting), Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie, author Cherie Priest's blog)

After the relatively crappy blandness that was 10,000 B.C., this was like a searing ray of visual fun and excitment! There were guns, explosions, humanity destroying viruses, destriers, flails, maces, mohawks, tattoos, piercings, cannabalistic parties, stage shows...I can't begin to describe it all! I laughed, especially at the Sol's entrance on the stage. All he needs is Tina Turner by his side and you'd have a much more modern Mad Max. This movie has been compared to many others but I've yet to see Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome mentioned and that makes me curious. I cringed, oh, several times, both from mild revulsion and an overdeveloped startle reflex. Flashy cars, A-Team assembled cars, long stretches of deserted get the jist. I had a great time with this movie from the opening scenes to the closing credits. I can hardly wait to see it again! Is it award-winning cinema? Probably not, but it IS entertaining and just the type of movie that shines on a larger-than-life, digitally projected, surround sound movie theater screen.

Some of my favorite comments from:

an IMDB commentor..."It is a movie that shows you can take the best elements from different sci-fi action movies and blender them up into a really fun frothy bloody good time. It's all a bit mindless and gory but it is a the most fun I've had in the theater in a long time and the action is gritty. Never resorting to Matrix style shenanigans. Enjoy it on the big screen while you can. "

Author Cherie Priest's blog (Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie)...(Hey, read her books too! They are pretty damn good!)...I. Loved. This. Movie. And it’s so deliberately, aggressively trashy that I suspect I’m going to be about 90% alone in this blind adoration, but there you go. I want to watch this movie again, and I want to watch more movies like it. (P.S. the rest of her post about this movie is definitely worth a read so click through on the links near the top of the post!)


On to this Friday!

I harbor a lasting appreciation and enjoyment of Tyler Perry's stage productions and movies so I could not miss seeing Meet the Browns yesterday! It was too funny, but was also patterned by moments of sadness, despair, and personal growth...alot like life is. There were the inevitable corny moments that occur in movies that play to stereotypes, but Leroy Brown was KILLING me and all the other moviegoers in that theater! I haven't laughed so hard in a long while. One of my favorites is when he asked everyone to quiet down for the reading of the Last Will and Testicles of his dearly departed father :) ...and the helichopters ...and the, well, I could go on and on. Go see it for yourself. And can I just say that Angela Bassett gets more beautiful everyday? She is going to be one of those fortunate people that stays pretty forever.

This Tyler Perry effort was v.v. good, but I enjoyed Diary of a Mad Black Woman the most of all the films I've seen. Madea's Family Reunion is my favorite of his plays. Anyway, if you like comedy, go see Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns before it's out of the theaters.

That is all.

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