Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another trophy for my wall!

I'm making my 3rd trip to Sips-N-Strokes tomorrow night so I will have another trophy for my wall in addition to The Wound and Monet's Invasion!  Here is what we are shooting for:

I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with another Wound of some kind...it seems to be the relationship I have with red paint.  KT and I are going with one of our newer coworkers MLW (not to be confused with ML...I've really got to find that Battlestar Gallactica name generator) and I'm intimidated a teensy bit because I had to visit her office this afternoon and saw one of her paintings there and it was GR8!  Mine are 180 degrees from great, though I have an absolutely smashing time (the wine helps) getting to not-great :)  I keep in mind, as much as possible, that that is the point.  So, no paint-envy and of course I'll share photos when we're done!

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