Friday, September 5, 2008

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If you've had a crappy day or a good one, all will be swept aside in a wave of joy and joyness by going over to 15 Minute Lunch and viewing Johnny's next installment in the 1977 J.C. Penny Catalog Found in the Rafters.


Here's one of the highlights:

This next kid knows exactly what's going to happen to him if he leaves the security of his home. I mean, he has big bird and cookie monster in his pockets. The haircut alone will most likely get him a beat down, but the outfit and hair combo? You can almost see the thought-bubble over his head that says, "I am so f&%ked."

Be sure and visit the post that started it all! Go over to when you're done, take the time to sign up for a *&^**ing account, and keep Johnny Virgil king!

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Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, thanks for the link!