Saturday, September 27, 2008

buzz, buzz, meow

you just don't let me know when you get tired of this and I'll be glad to not stop :)

If you have a litter of kittens, head for your local wine store and get an empty champagne carton-complete with the cardboard bottle dividers.  Place it on its side and you've got a 12-holed "beehive" house for your kittens to play in.  Our litters love them, constantly chasing each other in and out of the holes and using them for sleeping hideaways. 
H.G., Geneva, IL.

Okay, this sounds fun AND cute!  I'm going to make a note of it for when I get more kittens, though it won't be a litter by any means, just two of them to keep each other company.  I feel like Binky must get bored here by herself all day.  I won't get new kittens now because Bink doesn't appreciate competition :)

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