Saturday, September 27, 2008

my s-n-s catalog so far

I affectionately refer to this as The and red paint just seem to have a complicated relationship
This is Monet's Invasion.  It is supposed to be Monet's Waterlillies but I am convince that mine look like a fleet of invading UFO's, three of which are engulfed in flame with one spectacular crash in the bottom right hand corner.  What do you think?

These are supposed to be red tulips and I think they look tulips!  Yay for Holley!


Erica said...

i think these are all beautiful. although i am laughing at your description of "monet's invasion"... :D

Kenny P. said...

Monet's Invasion...brilliant! Ha!

Unknown said...

I thought they all looked great! I see you have a flower theme going. I love the poppies. Monet's invasion looks like it would look more intense under blacklight. The tulips are tu-die for. hehe When are you going to have your own show? I'd love to have some of your work in my home.