Saturday, September 27, 2008

the highways and biways . . .

 . . . of the internet

so here are some of the recent search terms that have brought people to my humble blog:

  • who is lonney holley - spelled a different way, Lonnie Holley is a celebrated folk artist working through the mediums of sandstone and rock, paint and recycled found-object sculpture.  Hope that's who they were looking for as his stuff RoCkS!
  • zombies are cool penguin t-shirt - I have one of these and I lurve it!  It did not get washed with the book like my other two Halloween tshirts, thank goodness!
  • new fun website - I hope you found mine to be so!
  • what if i never want to date again - I fully support that policy, except when I don't.  I have been dateless now for going on five years and sometimes I'm okay with it and sometimes....I'm not.  I know plenty of people I wouldn't go to a landfill with who date and break up constantly.  I'm not too terribly mean, I'm fully self sufficient, I own my own home, I own my own car, I have a great job, I can converse on any number of topics, parents and siblings usually find me very agreeable but I am overweight and that, my friends, throws you under the bus socially.  No one will touch you, figuratively or literally.  Too much drama, too much unnecessary I've decided not to worry about it.  I don't want children and marriage isn't too terribly important to me so there's no rush.
  • mat lurnin - Hope you found him
  • public whipping (wow, one from england and one from new york!) - forget water boarding, this is obviously the new hot topic across the globe.  I think we should re-instate it.  I just finished a true crime book about a serial killer active in London during the Luftwaffe (sp?).  When they solved the crime, he was arrested, tried, sentenced and hanged in the space of several months.  
  • how do houses look today - um, boxy?  Mine is certain looking cleaner and more tidy these days!
  • pressure garments - Not to harp too much on it, but everyone HAS visited their local library for a copy of Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle haven't they?
  • pine needle stuck under fingernail - ouch!
  • holley, blogspot - maybe they were actually looking for me?
  • cause and effect of overloading - at work, indigestion no doubt from the onset of an ulcer
  • gayla holley - hope you found this person
  • false negative sleep study - my sleep study experience is no worth rehashing
  • bad sleep study - I feel your pain, but I'm glad I stuck it out
  • spankin boy - everybody needs one :)
I would just like to point out for trivia's sake that I had two separate visits from the Vale of Glamorgan in England, one from the city of Penarth and and one from Barth.  KT, how George R.R. Martin-esque is that?!?

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