Sunday, September 21, 2008


let me tell you why I don't like least when I have to work anyway.

We are only open from 1-5 on Sundays and people try to stuff a whole weekend's worth of work into one day.  The teens all goofed off yesterday and were frenetic about getting their shit done today and it was all our fault.  One Paris Hilton wannabee questioned me extensively about Microsoft Brochure Maker...quite pissy when I told her I didn't know what the f*&k she was talking about wasn't familiar with that program.  Of course, it was Publisher that she wanted AND she wanted someone to stand over her and show her how to do if there weren't 15 other people milling around the dept needing help with their own Very Important Tasks.  

Kids were in the study rooms screaming and chasing one another around the tables.  I brought the heat on one room and told them if I heard one more peep they'd find somewhere else to go. Miracle of miracles, they were quiet as church mice for the rest of the day but as they left and were headed down the stairs I heard one boy say, "That lady was so mean..."  I don't know for sure that he was talking about me but I experienced a little glow of pleasure all the same.  All I did was tell them to be quiet...these were obviously teens who'd never been spanked as children. If you aren't firm with them, they just laugh at you, mutter an obscenity at your back and carry on as before and I just don't put up with that.  The other study room I had trouble out of (and it was one of my FaVoRiTe teens!  it really did hurt my feelings to have to go over there this time) occured later in the afternoon.  I heard shrieking and chairs scraping up little curls of Brazilian Cherry from the hardwood floors.  I stood up to see him (the fav) and a girl grappling over some object.  The other boy in the room joined in the fray and some dragging of bodies across the floor took place over said object.  So I was well and truly pissed off when I got to the door, then they all sat down when I knocked and just looked at me.  The door was locked and if I could have kicked it in I would have.  When the other boy finally got up and opened the door, the talk was considerably more polite that at the first room but I was just as angry and he knew it.  They all came by to apologize for their behavior when they left.  

There were no margaritas to be had at my fav local Mexican restaurant as it is Sunday and in many places in Alabama, that means no alcoholic beverages are sold.  So now it's time for some Yellow Tail Shiraz, which my refrigerator thoughtfully keeps cool even on Sundays.  I've really got to get some Xanax or Valium or'll be eight months before school's out again and I don't know if I can make it that far.  My last nerve is already red, raw and quivering.


Erica said...

it's true, sundays @the library BLOW.

Holley T said...

Yes they do BLOW...if Ike and Katrina hooked up and had a child, it would blow that bad :)