Sunday, September 21, 2008


or rather...rearranging.

I got up early today (as I told KT I would) and swapped two rooms out.  These are the rooms formerly occupied by Mrs. Roomie.  My original intention was to have my honorary clothes dryer exercise equipment in one room as a little home gym and set up the other as my office.  Through circumstances I can't even remember now, my computer and accompanying hardware ended up in the same room with my recumbant bike and the actual computer desk was in the other room with a box of coat hangers and an ironing board.

Now, dear reader, I am at the altar of computery goodness with my nice computer desk and accompanying stuff while all the exercise crap is in the other room AND I vacuumed the lot!  I was almost late for work due to my good work ethic.  Unfortunately, the good intentions I had to come home and make some inroads in the living room were drowned in bowl of salsa, then dunked in some refried beans and finally finished of in a shrimp fajita burrito.  I don't know what the deal is, but I crave Mexican food ALL THE TIME!  And before anyone asks the question, no it isn't that.  

Anyway, I've been in my local Latino restaurant so often that I'm thinking about introducing myself.  I always take a book in with me (because I believe people dining alone don't look quite so creepy with a book in hand...unless it was the one I was reading!) and several of the employees are now in the habit of stopping by the table to ask what I'm reading.  KT, I really should be getting some comp time at work from all the reader's advisory outreach I do a La Tortilla :)  Today it was true crime.  I am reading what I think is an outstanding book by Simon Read called In the Dark: The True Story of the Blackout Ripper about a serial killer stalking the women of London during the Luftwaffe.  After sunset, London circa 1942 was a pit of darkness.  Streetlights were extinguished, women spent long hours sewing "blackout curtains" for their homes, and constables patroled the streets all night long to ensure that the stygian darkness remained complete...anything to take the advantage away from the German bombers overhead.  Into this darkness steps a fiendish killer who uses his good looks and charm to get past the suspicions of lovely ladies.  I am about 1/4 of the way through the book and the killer has just  escalated exponentially the depravity of his crimes.  

It's creeping me out a little.  Good stuff!  The book group I lead at work (actually, a genre reading group as I like to call it) is reading true crime this month and I found this slim little jewel of a paperback via one of my favorite blogs, In Cold Blog!


Katie said...

I have two thoughts:
1. "In Cold Blog" should win an Emmy for best blog name. That is awesome!
2. If I can get comp time for Readers' Advisory at the pool next summer, then you can have your comp time for reading while dining :)

Holley T said...

Yep, the banner of their blog used to look just like the book but they've made it smaller and it isn't quite as cool but I understand why they did it.

I knew you'd go to bat for me :)