Monday, September 22, 2008

a new feature!

My friend Polly game me this great little book entitled 187 Ways To Amuse a Bored Cat!: The Complete Cat Entertainment Guide edited by Howe and Ruth Stidger and published in 1982.  They have collected stories from random cat owners in which they describe the odd things that amuse their cats.  I have randomly selected an entry and it is:

#85 Ice Hockey
It's a bit messy, but our cat enjoys batting an ice cube around the kitchen floor, especially on hot days.  Keep an eye on things so you can pick the cube up to keep it from melting when your cat tires of the game. --A.H., Odgen, UT

Some are funnier than others, but I think I might actually try this one out.  Binky's favorite toy right now is a Q-Tip....that's my girl!  Keepin' it interllectualized!


Anonymous said...

I have tried to find this book online - do you know if it is out of print?


Anonymous said...

I used to love sticking the fuzzy mouse in between the couch cushions. Amazon has the book list as '187 Ways to Amuse a Bored Cat"

Holley T said...

After I posted, I realized I never turned the icemaker back on from when the frigde was I've got to pull it out from the wall and turn the water back on, UGGGHHHH! Binky will just have to wait until then.

JEN-As T pointed out, Amazon is selling it used, starting at only one cent! Happy shopping!