Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

After my last post, fate found us stranded on the tarmac because of lightning (which I never saw) and we were there, in the plane (the hot plane), strapped in and unable to get up and move about, for an HOUR AND A HALF! ! !

...which of course caused us to miss the 3pm connecting flight in Charlotte

....which is where we still are until 10pm, the next flight out we could get on

we got into Charlotte about 5pm and the airline issued us tickets on the next flight out. Some of the other librarians from Birmingham got on the 5:30 flight but OOOOHHHH NOOOO, not us. We're stuck here until 10pm. They didn't even give us dinner vouchers since it was "an air traffic controller's mistake and we don't cover their problems." How nice for you....because I know that I have some younger readers, I will not include my subsequent thoughts here...imagine them for yourself, dear of-age reader.

It is 8:30 now and I'm tired, sweaty (this airport is hot as hell), irritable, and unhappy about flying around this late and having to get up and go to work at the hairy buttcrack of dawn to teach computer class in the morning. I'm very tempted to just leave afterward...I'll have to see how it goes. Maybe a quick trip to Starbucks will be in order first thing.

I really wanted to be home, clean, cool, and napping by this time.

S is off having a pedicure so we are sitting in rocking chairs (a nice touch for an airport I admit) sweating like farmers...such ladylike thing to do :)

Maybe I'll have more exciting things to talk about tomorrow.
Good night!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting about don't worry the day at the library was not much better