Wednesday, June 6, 2007

OMG ! ! !

End of school a scant 4 weeks away! I bought a huge, gloriously tacky, absurdly expensive frame for my diploma. It's really quite obnoxious and entirely appropriate. Since I've suffered for it, that thin sheet of pulped wood will be shoved in everyone's face for quite awhile. I wish I could be more circumspect about it, but there it is, sorry.......sort of. I will definitely have to take a pic and post it here when it finally arrives. Technically graduation is Aug 11 but I'm not going to darken their door for a good long while if I can help it so no one needs to make any travel arrangements. It takes a period of WEEKS for the diploma to be mailed to you (which they do for don't even get if you GO to graduation) so I figure, with my luck, I'll be seeing it around Christmas. If it happens to come earlier then it will be a wonderful surprise :)



Katie said...

You thought you would be waiting! Ha! And I love it, very nice and solid and impressive looking ... I might have to get one!!!!!!

Ms. Hubbard said...

Who can blame you just don't give UA the bird till after you receive that diploma :)

Holley T said...

it's sad to say E, but I don't even have the strength for that! come upstairs next time you're in and i'll fill you in on the stupidity and unfairness of our assignment for Project Management.