Thursday, June 28, 2007

still happy thursday!

It is now 10 minutes after five, 50 minutes left in the workday, and I'm still going! It felt like cop-ing out to leave since E is still here slaving away and she got home at the same time I she's had to do 2 programs today; a movie for 4th-6th graders and a theater group for 2nd-6th graders. I pledged earlier in the day to not bitch about my 2 computer class students this morning. It was the last class so the usual trials and tribulations were not present for the most part.
I wish I had more to say :)


Anonymous said...

you're such a nut :)

and how does it feel to only have, let's see, 14 hours & 45 minutes left in grad school???? pretty darn good, i imagine!


Holley T said...

beautifully darn good?
stunningly darn good?
voluptuously darn good?

...definitely more than pretty :)