Sunday, June 17, 2007

a quiz I will pass along

my niece sent this to me and all of her friends:

Okay, here's how it goes: Make a email and send it to ALL your contacts saying, "What's your dream?" And write it and at the end write "Pass your dream on to everyone you know."

What's your dream?
My dream is to ride a gelding that looks like this:
Why? Because every year in my county here in Alabama, we have a horse show. Mom says she used to enter our late quarter horse into it. Well, I've always wanted to enter a horse show with a horse like the Breyer model. I have told you my dream. Pass your dream on to everyone you know.

I have chosen to answer her on my blog so that (hopefully) more people will have the opportunity to answer if they so desire AND it's a great question that doesn't seem to get revisited very often after say....middle school. Around then it morphs into "what do you want to do when you grow up/graduate from high school/graduate from college, etc.?"

My, I don't know. That's not to say I won't think about it and get back to the question, but I really have no idea. With graduation within spitting distance, the place where my hopes and dreams should be, used to be, has a lonely breeze and an abundant crop of tumbleweed. (BTW, did you know they pickled tumbleweed and ate it in the American Dust Bowl during the Depression? bleck! The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Eagan....GREAT book!) Okay, the ADD moment is over. Anyway, I don't know what my dream is. To be happy? Is that too vague; like the ill-advised praying for patience? I want to be happy. I want to lose weight. I want to continue to love my life's work as I do right now, for the rest of my life. I want my niece and nephew to grow up to be spectacular people, comfortable and happy in the lives they make for themselves. I guess that means I have some dreams after all but I can't think of any specific dreams like S has for herself. Maybe in a few months things will be different, but right now I can't even decide on a graduation present. One of my favorite patrons at the library has set me the task of thinking of something I really want for graduation (and he gave me what I thought was a stupendous spending range) and to let him know. I don't know. Not one single thing feasible thing comes to mind. I'd like a back deck on the house, a covered front porch, an outside faucet for a hosepipe, pressure washing to get the algae off the front of the house, gutters so I won't have to worry about the algae anymore, new curtains, a treadmill, someone on God's green earth to figure out how to get DSL run down one freakin' road in Bibb County, a monstrous SUV that gets 70 miles per gallon....I better stop, I've obviously strayed over into the realm of fantasy. Anyway, you get my point. If someone wants to give me a gift, then I want a gift. I don't want practical, useful, functional...I exercise my girly rights on my own consciousness and say I want a gift damn it! Now, if I can just think of one, I'll be set AND win a battle over my sense of responsibility. Not every time, mind you, but this one time.
Buenas noches!


Kenny P. said...

Remember in "PeeWee's Big Adventure" when Simone asks PeeWee about his dream, and he says, "I'm rolling this big donut and then there's a snake wearing a tuxedo..."?
Or something like that. I probably misquoted it. I hope not.
It's a tough question. Sets the mind to spinning...

Holley T said...

Is that before or after they are chased out of the giant dinosaur by the burly fianceƩ?

um....I still have the VHS....and I REFUSE to cringe in shame!