Saturday, June 16, 2007

ooops from yesterday

the abrubt cuttoff of yesterday's post was due to the fact that the object of my diatribe sat down next to me and I clicked "publish" instead of "save" in my haste to avoid being found out

my guilty conscious must have gotten the best of me.

more fun was had by all today, it's only 10:43am and i feel like I've narrowly avoided an aneurism (sp?), stroke, or heartattack. We've been (what else?) arguing about stupid $h!t for the past hour and 45 min, led by my nemesis. I will never, ever become a cast member on Survivor because the murder I'd commit would be on camera for the world to see....and I thought I'd just cruise through my last class. Has someone been praying for patience on my behalf??? Stop it! Stop it now! *stomps foot*

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