Friday, June 8, 2007

a movie to get excited about...hopefully

I love Richard Matheson's I Am Legend and it is coming to the big screen (again)! I haven't seen any of the earlier adaptations but I'll have to read the book again and try to catch the two other films that have been made from it (The Last Man on Earth/Vincent Price/1964 & The Omega Man/Charleton Heston/1971)before I watch this most current. Post apocalyptic, vampire-ridden earth...the redux ;D The trailer for this newest movie is up and running...enjoy!




Kenny P. said...

I'm a goober because I haven't read this book. My wife loved it, too.

She recommended "World War Z" (how do you make italics on this thing?) to me, and I'm reading that, and, by Jove, I really like it! (ZOMBIES!)

I like commas, too.

Holley T said...

put "" before the word or phrase you want to italicize and "" at the end of the word or phrase

did you like 28 Days Later?

Holley T said...

put the letter "i" in between <>, then type the word or phrase you want in italics, then put /i in between <>
lets see if this will not screw up