Friday, June 8, 2007

live from t-town!

So, here I sit again (FOR THE FOURTH TO LAST TIME) in Gorgas Library at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I have 45 minutes until class starts and am sitting here, practically meditating, trying to stem the tide (pun intended) of anxiety about this class. The assignment we've been given for the class makes me feel very much like I have paid $700.00 some odd dollars to do the professor's job for them. This professor is the Internship Coordinator for SLIS and that resulted from the assignment for the last Project Management class; to reorganize and streamline the internship process. Our assignment, and I do appreciate the early warning, is to develop an internship website to be officially attached to the SLIS website and a print manual to be included with orientation material for new students. All of this will have to be presented to the dean of the school. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the professor's job? I've complained about doing projects that have no purpose, i.e. setting up an imaginary networked computer lab for an imaginary small community college but that one pissed me off most because the professor just TOLD us to do it. I can turn a computer on, but networking 20 of them, which I just barely understand conceptually, was a crap assignment because I didn't know what I was doing. I found someone who knows something about it and had them do it and try to explain it to me. I learned nothing, but the diagrams were glorious. This seems like it will be the same. I apologize for not being able to LEARN about project management and PERFORM project management at the same time! Hell, I don't even balance my checkbook because it's too much trouble! Ahhhh, just one more thing to piss me off before I leave...thank goodness I'm not planning on walking at graduation or E's prediction of me flipping them off would be closer to coming true...maybe I could even work up enough anger to moon them all, who knows? Needless to say, I won't be here on August 11th, so walk on people, walk on.

Oh well, I better go make an appearance and claim a good spot....maybe start spreading the cheer around so I'll get a good grade from my peers since WE'RE GRADING EACH OTHER! (isn't that supposed to be the professor's job too?)


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Ms. Hubbard said...

Please like professors do what they are paid for sometimes I think they just look at the name on the paper and slap a grade on it so maybe you will do better with your peers grading it anyways I hope everything went okay