Tuesday, June 12, 2007

look ma! no hands!

Today I lead my first professional book group meeting. K is on vacation so I got to take the reins of her book group :) I did have on training wheels due to the fact that it was "fiction of choice". There were no discussion questions or anything like that; everyone was just supposed to bring a fiction title they had enjoyed and wanted to share with the group. There were 13 ladies but only a few had brought anything to share. Luckily I took about 6 books (many of which you can find in a previous post "recent reads")to the meeting so I ran my mouth enough to stretch out to an hour. I was really nervous for some reason. I mean, I've presented at 3 state library convention programs and have done countless presentations in library school plus I teach computer classes to senior citizens...why on earth the book group made me so nervous is beyond me! But I ended up having an absolutely gr8 time and look forward to maybe having a group of my own sometime in the future. I'm ashamed to say that I've never participated in a book group either and I have no excuse. Many are held during the day, but it has gotten easier to find them being held in the evening. I'll just have to find one when I get through with school. My therapist consistently mentions that I need to try to get out and socialize more so that would definitely qualify while not making me as uncomfortable as other social situations might. I do say proudly that I'm 1000% more social than I used to be and I have several friends who can back me up on that!
Anyway, enough whining!
¡Buenos tardes!


Kenny P. said...

Sorry this is off-topic, but I like your countdown thingy!

It's nice to have something to count down to.

htw said...

It's kind of plain and ugly, but it was supereasy and FREE, my favorite online word! And yes, very nice indeedy!