Friday, June 15, 2007


Wandering through the eclectic selection of RSS feeds I subscribe to, Nonfiction Readers Anonymous led me to The Laundress, which led me to Wildlife Singapore. Their page dedicated to the Common Spiders of Singapore notwithstanding (T, you'll be proud! I made it through 2 whole pictures before I had to quit!), there are some great things to look at. The site has a link titled Animals A-Z with four categories:

  • Mammals,
  • Amphibians (Frogs and Toads)
  • Reptiles I (Lizards, Terrapins, and Turtles)
  • Reptiles II (Snakes only)
So click on over and learn what a Sunda Pangolin, a Lesser Mousedeer (how did that marriage get started, I wonder?), a Malayan Colugo, and a Slow Loris do for fun!

¡Buenos Tardes!

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