Friday, June 29, 2007

is it time to go home yet?

...sitting in Gorgas Library

...50 minutes 'til class

...what the hell do I do with myself after this

...going home for the first time since June 8th

...and I can hardly wait to sleep in my own bed, look in my own mirror, cook on my own stove, the corollary: mess up my own dishes! Before you ask, I threw away everything perishable before I left so hopefully my refrigerator won't be a biology experiment unless I overlooked something. My next petsitting job won't be starting until Tuesday and it will only be 'til the following Friday, then my next job won't start until the 16th and after that, LOOK OUT FLORIDA, HERE I COME!!! I haven't been on a real vacation for the past 4 summers. I've been in school the past 3 summers and the one before that is when my horses got sick and I had to have them put down. I'm still sad about that; I miss my ponies all the time.

On to happier news, my tattoo is itching like an SOB as it heals (par for the course). My niece sent me an email asking me to extend the due on one of her library books. I like that terminology much more than the boring "renew my book" that we currently use so I'm implementing it into my library slang as of today. Look for it (and ask for it too!) at your local library today!...or tomorrow!

Our teen programming for this week was a scavenger hunt in the village, which was still going strong when I left to come to class. My assignment consisted of sitting at the location of one of the answers to make sure that decorous behavior was exercised and that CPR was administered if one of the little crumb crushers got run over. Sidewalks are there for a reason kiddos! From one of my fav movies, "Santa don't visit the funeral homes, little buddy." T came up with some great clues so I hope everything continued to go well after I left.

Speaking of teens, one of my favorite teen patrons, A, just got back from a month long tour of Eastern Europe and she brought me back the cutest little cup from...Romania or Hungary, I can't recall which but both are equally cool. I'll try to see about getting a photo up...I've done so well about getting pics up in general, you know...

Well, I guess I'll go to the classroom and sit. Maybe something interesting will occur, stranger things have happened.

¡Buenas noches!

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Unknown said...

your officially finished with class yipee