Thursday, June 14, 2007

which Dickens are you?

this would no doubt make more sense to me if I were widely read in Dickensonian (is that a word, or did I just make it up?) literature, but KT told me I had to :)

Here is the description from the quiz:

Esther Summerson, from the book Bleak House. You are the nicest person EVER! You have so many friends because you treat everyone with respect. You're also very idealistic and root for the underdog, which is ironic because you're mother is a Lady and super rich. You have many admirers but you don't seem to notice becuase you don't have very high self esteem. You end up marrying the honey of your dreams, Allan Woodcourt, who's a doctor! You go girl!

If you're dying to know your own Dickens character, take the quiz!



Ms. Hubbard said...

Looks like we are a lot alike apparently I am Ester too.

Holley T said...

you couldn't tell that from our book discussions?