Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Reagan International Airport

~1.5 hours 'til boarding time and here I sit, blogging in an airport for the first time. People-watching is an odd sport in an airport. In this post-9/11 world it doesn't do to stare too hard or you'll draw attention to yourself. Maybe I'm just being paranoid again, which is entirely too possible. I'm paying for this internet connection because I shipped all my books back home and I was devastatingly bored. Now all the email has been checked, I worked through my Bloglines account, checked in with my class via WebCT, which led me here to my House.

I had a nap yesterday after slogging through the steamy D.C. streets back to the hotel, then we had reservations at this restaurant called Zintanya (or something close). You order all these little tasting dishes and everyone at the table shares. We had zucchini-cheese patties, something with carrot and pine nuts, ground beef and lamb with spices, calamari, shrimp, couscous, and a host of other yummies. It was too loud for me, but I'm glad I went. I then went out with C and S to a bar called Madame's Organ which was decorated in an overdone saloon-type getup with paintings of naked ladies everywhere. There was a great live blues band playing and the martini would have taken rust off of a car bumber...I pretty sure I forgot to tell them I wanted a vodka martini instead of gin....bleck! I also like them dirty, or maybe filthy...whatever several steps above dirty is called. Basically I'd like a little vodka with my olive juice if you get my meaning. It was a bit too strong anyway. You know how sometimes the alcohol in a drink will settle down at the bottom if you don't stir it, then the last sip strips all the skin out of your esophagus on the way down...that was pretty much it.

One of the most disturbing things about this city is the amount of homeless in residence here. I am not the well-heeled traveler so Boston is the only other big city I've ever been to. There were homeless there of course but Washington, D.C. seems to be absolutely covered up. Every park bench was full and every shady spot on the ground covered with the homeless, of every color, age, and both genders (some indeterminant). Outside the Washington Convention Center I saw a man lying on the ground under a tree....I don't know if he was concerned about prostate cancer and feeling for lumps or what, but there was activity. I know such things go on of course, but I've just never seen it with my own eyes. The Office of Veteran Affairs was relatively near by so I wonder how much of these unfortunate people were products of war and how many fell through the cracks of an unorganized system? I am vastly more greatful for the relative peace and prosperity of my life and hope I can keep this new perspective as I go along in life.

In other news, Katie cannot find her iPod. I combed our room and had E go up and check behind me. We also asked the concierge about the hotel's lost and luck. Katie left yesterday and told me that she never took the iPod out of the room. That leaves only one possibility, but wouldn't you think someone intent on pilfering would have taken more than that? There were plenty of opportunities and lots of stuff that a deft hand could have made disappear fairly quickly. S said she had left jewelry and cash out in her room and had had no trouble. Katie said she'd just have to take care of it when she got back to town. I'm hoping that perhaps the errant iPod made its way into some of the items that were shipped home, or that it is just tucked into something she hurridly packed yesterday...although she did tell me that she'd unpacked all her stuff twice since she'd gotten to her mother-in-laws house. I hope she finds it later.
Oh well, the 'ol laptop is about to run outta juice and there is not a plug nearby so I'll take my leave. Maybe I'll be able to get back on later.

Buenos Dias!

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