Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad News

Everyone arrived at work this morning to the news that our beloved B, the library's administrative guru, has lung cancer. She will undergo radiation and chemo and plans to fight it as hard as she can. She is having complete scans today to see at what stage the disease is right now. I am so hoping it's early...we just lost Dana (but her cancer was rare and incurable) and none of us, B herself most certainly, want B to have to go through that kind of suffering.

K came up with the idea of making her a scrapbook with a "while you were out" theme, like the notepads you use in a business office to take messages for people. We will all have our pictures taken doing something that parodies/spoofs something indicative of each individual that will make B laugh. I thought this was a great idea because it is something she can keep and make notes in if she wants to. Now my quandry is, how do you take capture a smart mouth? What else would be indicative of me? The whole children's department is going to use pillows to look pregnant, except for KG who really is. A will work a crossword puzzle, KH will watch football, C will be on the phone, M will be laying in the staff lounge with measle-like dots and a thermometer, N will be in the floor surrounded by boxes and carts of books....I want our department to come up with some stuff equally as contextually funny.

Everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers, no matter the denomination. B is a wonderful lady with too much sweetness to leave this world so soon, though it tends to work that way.

I am not ready for her to leave.



Children's Department said...

she's on my permanent prayer list now. we need her too much here to let her go!

btw, in case you didn't hear, kat's having a boy :)


Holley T said...

I heard from KT that it was unmistakeably a boy :-)