Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Locked Out

I was given permission by my friend J to recount this story for you here.

This weekend was the last class for one of the two I was taking this semester (I still have 3 weeks left in YA lit) and as usual, J and I split the expense of a room at the lovely Gadsden Inn & Suites. I highly recommend it to anyone passing through and to other library school students. As I understand it, J had taken the dog , C, out for a walk and distinctly remembers the door to the house being UNLOCKED when she left. Unfortunately that was not how she found it when she and C got back. Did I mention the housecoat and slippers??? So now J and C are locked out of the house, J in her pajamas, her husband D at work. Diligent homeowner that she is, not one window had been left open to shimmy through.

I was rivated at this point in the story when J said, "So I called D on the mailman's cellphone."

Now I don't know about you people, but that's funny! It just came out of left field from no where. How did the mailman get in the picture? D didn't answer his phone and J was again set adrift. Not long after though, the little white USPS truck drove back up to the house, "Your husband is on the phone." Gotta love caller ID! D came back home and let J back in the house.

J got the approval letter for her Assitantship (sp?) from SLIS in the mail our letter carrying hero dropped off while J was using his cellphone so it was a grand adventure all around!

Congratulations J!


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