Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swishing Hell

Dental 2 of 14.

I discovered that the crap I have to swish with (for the next two weeks) in the morning takes away my sense of taste for about 4 hours. That's just one of the crappy side effects of this wonderful, tidy-blue-bowl-cleaner swishing stuff...that and the staining of course.

I did read the accompanying literature and learned that my smile will not spontaneously turn purple or neon green but the medicine does cause a growth explosion of plaque.

So think of me today...maniacally brushing and flossing in an attempt to combat an invading force of plaque. Trust me, I'm thinking about it real hard and hoping this cup of splenda sweetened, white chocolate macadamia nut creamered coffee will help in the battle :)
p.s. I'm working out at the JCC again tonight so that's two times this week I've made a real effort to do an honest-to-God workout! Yeah me!

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