Thursday, April 5, 2007

Like Finding $20 In Your Pocket

I was rummaging through some galleys I had at home and found a real gem, Toothpaste for Dinner: Hipsters, Hamsters, and Other Pressing Issues by Drew. Here is the cover, just for those who might be wondering:

The picture on the front looks a lot like a zombie that might theoretically ride the short bus, but this pocket-sized wad of angst doesn't shamble about and eat human brains (well...maybe so).

Some highlights from the dedication and preamble:

"This book is dedicated to all the chickens who was down from day one."

"Drew lives with his wife in Columbus, Ohio. He is the back-page
columnist for the British magazine .net and posts a new drawing
every day at In his spare time, he records music, operates the tiny indie-rock label Sharing Machine, and paints. He holds a patent in organic chemistry, but that and four bucks will buy you a fancy cup of flavored milky coffee."

"Welcome to my book, whose hidden sub-sub-title is 'Drawings I made while I was supposed to be working.' Yes, it's true, I was supposed to be putting together spreadsheets, or typing some sort of report, or stirring chemicals together in a little dish, but I was drawing pictures instead."

Don't you just love that?! I haven't even made it halfway through the book yet and am really enjoying it. At first I thought it was sort of stupid, but the more I read the more I think this guy has the right idea. This is a subtle, pessimistic humor that I totally enjoy. When I finish I'm going to recommend it to MA down in circ...he's gonna love it! I've gotten some birthday cards from him that bear an eerie similarity. For your viewing pleasure here is one example of the hundreds of HE LAR E US stuff to be found:





Jeff Stankard, Group Publisher said...

funny stuff. I found your blog by flipping through the "next blog". Glad blogger came up with it.

Holley T said...

thanks, bskove! come back anytime!

Anonymous said...

visitors other than me.. woohoo!

Anonymous said...

BTW.. like the new look. More you.

Holley T said...

Yea...I was bored with the I read an article on how much electronic waste white/bright colored screens emit. Just my attempt to be a little more "green". Maybe sometime soon recycling will sweep Bibb County :)